Trouvailleur is an inspirational platform on Instagram about interior design and art. We, Florence and Liesbet, are the entrepreneurs behind the Trouvailleur label. We take our followers into a world of original design pieces, unique interior images, and extraordinary locations.

Additionally, we want to touch you with the story behind the artist or designer. Inspiring goes beyond just images. This led us to the idea of ​​releasing our own interior pieces in a limited edition through 'collabs' with designers or adding a touch of uniqueness to existing creations. With our own design woven into embroidery, we give an original twist to the iconic butterfly chair, a nod to our signature 'je vois tu vois'.

Inspired by the French words Trouvé Ailleurs, Trouvailleur was born. The name Trouvailleur reflects what we do and who we are. With Trouvailleur, we aim to share the beauty of objects, the authenticity, and the stories behind each design and artwork with you. We want to inspire you on how to incorporate this into your own environment. We love sharing our passion for colors, textures, and design with you to ignite excitement about decorating and exploring new places to be touched by art. The best is yet to come; we still have new ideas.

So let's keep in touch ;-)