Cover- Up


Els van Cover Up

  • What do you consider to be the most unique object you have ever seen and why?

It is a work of art, not an object.

The Silent people in the middle of forests and fields in Finland.

It's an army of some sort of scarecrows, a frighteningly rustling group of "people" who could come alive at any moment. With every breeze you think you have seen one moving, lugubrious, and at the same time beautiful in its simplicity.

  • What do you have an eye for in the interior design or art world?

Colors! As a textile designer, I've always had a soft spot for 'just the right' colour. A shade lighter or darker can make a world of difference.

I like strong color combinations, or crazy ones.

  • How far into the future do you want to look, and what does it look like?

Pink; )

With a silver lining

  • What is your most used emoji on social media?

(one of those who cries with laughter)